Monday, April 28, 2008

The Runner

By Nisaa

Many days I've lain out here.
The fence not too high, but it allows enough privacy to be comfortable wearing my thong and slight halter to catch the major rays of the day without attracting a crowd.
If I want the fresh morning sun, I have to lay in the front yard of my home.
During the heat of the afternoon, it is always much better at pool side in the back. Besides, *smiling as I think*, one can be nude in the back yard, the fence is much higher.

Each day for the last week I've seen this runner.
Nice back muscles as he sprints past my yard.
Those silk shorts of his clinging to his nice round buttocks, short enough to get the mind started wondering what he would look like running nude.
Hmmmmmmmm......I've had many mornings lately dreaming of his naked body ............often wondering if he noticed me laying here.
Am I laying here every morning just to notice him? It could be.
I've never been such a sun worshipper as lately since he's included my home turf on his route. Wondering where he comes from? As he runs past the yard, my eyes close once more in gentle reflection of what's in store for the day.

"Excuse me, Miss?" I hear looking up and the mysterious runner is at my gate.
"I was wondering if I could trouble you for some water? I could use your hose if you have one outside?"

Looking into the bluest eyes I've ever seen, I realize I've never seen him from the front, just his back as he's run past.
My body coming up on one elbow to address him as I lay there, "I can get you some fresh water from the tap."
He murmured his appreciation but opened the gate and headed for the hose at the corner of the house.
Turning it on as I sit up he says, "Well, if you wouldn't mind, this is more what I had in mind."
He takes a sip of the water and then turns the hose on himself. "I get a bit warm and have noticed this hose each morning."
"Oh � so you only want me for my hose?" and I laugh.
He turned toward me his eyes dancing with light humor, "I can't imagine someone only wanting water from you, but since we've never met, well � I have to admit it was an open invitation for me to use as an excuse to say hi."

Striding over to where I sit, the water glistening on his body, his silk shorts a bit wet from sweat and water, "I'm new to the area and this is about mid way in a route I mapped out for myself.
I've noticed you out here each morning and had to devise some plan to introduce myself.
I've not noticed any children's toys, nor is there two cars in the drive. I could be wrong and if you aren't single, then I apologize for seeming so forward but I finally had to stop, and I was rather hot." His smile baring the whitest teeth I've ever seen.

My eyes sweeping over his body, thinking how incredible he looks from the front view.
Instantly planning how to keep him or at least get him to come back.
I flash him my brightest smile and know the sparkle in my eyes barely hide my intentions.
"Well, I have to admit, just before you asked for water I was wondering if I laid out here each morning with the same intent in mind."
Extending my hand to shake his as he takes it and holds it a bit longer than any necessary introduction hold.
"Nisaa, my name is Nisaa."
"An unusual name. I don't believe I've ever met a Nisaa. My name is Jay."
"My mother was an Egyptian history nut and the name can be traced back to old Egypt"
"It has meaning then?"
My eyebrows raise as I look him straight in the eye, "My sister did some investigation and it means 'She who Makes Men Forget'. Perhaps my mother was a bit of a romanticist when she named me."
"Perhaps your mother saw long ago what I see before me now. Surely Cleopatra would've felt threatened by your namesake," and he smiled still holding my hand.

"I was just going to go for a swim to complete my morning ritual. I'll be so forward as to ask if you would like to join me?"
"Ah, that sounds like my dream coming true, except I don't have my trunks with me and I don't see where there is a public pool in the neighborhood."
I smile and take his hand, feeling a connection as we spoke that I dare not pass up.
Following me silently through the house, we leave by the patio doors through the kitchen.
Entering my private domain, he stops suddenly and appraises the surroundings.
My eyes follow his. I'm quite proud of the effect it has on everyone.
The pool is impressively long. Odd shaped as the almost tropical greenery creates an oasis at the curving center where the trickling waterfall was built in to the pool side. I always liked to hear the sound of water and this was my intent at the waterfall addition.
A clearing of sorts beyond the plant life creates the ambiance of peace and serenity, seclusion and privacy.
The gazebo in the center of the clearing stands silently inviting all who enter here.
The hot tub built at the far end of the pool completes the water area.
The fence surrounding the whole yard is tall enough to discourage not only intruders, but prying eyes.

My hands go to my back and untie the top I'm wearing.
My hands then sliding to the band of my thong and glides it down my body. I glance once into his eyes as he watches me and my fingers undo the hair on top my head and my long blonde hair cascades down my back as I give it a shake to loosen it.
Standing at the edge of the pool I dive in. Coming up near the center of the pool I turn around to see he is still watching me.
"Care to join me?" He takes off his running shorts and jockey's and he is magnificent to look at.
His body not only tanned, but trim and muscular.
He dives in and comes up sliding his body next to mine. His hands reach out to touch me and I feel his fingers traveling on my wet skin.

My body turns to swim around him........looking at him.......watching his eyes watch mine.
He treads water silently as he watches me circle him. I lean back in the water, my body floating near the top as he wraps his hands around my ankles and pulls my nakedness toward his mouth. I feel his lips on my legs.
His tongue sliding up my legs. I'm watching his face ever nearer my core.
My body heat travels the length of me as I'm sure it's searing his mouth.
He plants his lips on my pussy lips and his tongue slides along, opening me for his exploration.
Hands under my body, aiding my flotation. I feel his fingers massaging my butt cheeks as he delves his tongue inside of me........then moving to suck my clit. His lips roaming in circular motion........sucking me, licking me........on my cunt lips, on my thighs........back to my lips and entering me as deep as he can with his tongue.

Pulling me further along his lips travel up my belly, to my breasts........hands cupping them as my hard nipples are being teased by his thumb and forefinger of each hand. He starts to nibble, and nurse............each breast being devoured by the heat of his mouth.
My legs are wrapped around him as his mouth centers on mine.
His hands at my sides as he eases my body down further into the water. I feel the tip of his hard cock probing, rubbing me.......sliding up and down my lips.
As his tongue enters my mouth deeply, I feel his cock enter my body.
His hands gripping my sides to plant me connecting our two bodies.
His hips move back and forth as his cock glides in and out of me with ease.
His motions gentle at first, then ramming himself deeper into me holding my body hard to him with his hands as his arms wrap around me, trapping me to him.

His cock so hard, so strong inside of me.
My muscles' squeezing him as he draws back then enters me more forcefully. Our bodies locked hips moving, his hips moving........our motion creating a heat circle in the cool water as it laps at our naked skin.
Kisses so deep, mouths devouring each others as his cock rocks my world. His motion more insistent........his lips kissing my face, my body leans back to give him access to the mounds of flesh on my chest. He backs up to the side of the pool........never disconnecting from me.......not really looking where he is going............he finds the ledge near the waterfall and sits down........I pull my body up and lean toward him, my hands grasping the edge of the pool.
Much better leverage to direct and guide my body motion as I start to slide up and down the length of his steel hard cock.
My breasts grazing his face as my body moves up........almost taking his cock out of my cunt.
My chest smashing his face into it. I ride him.......slowly, gently........body movements deliberate.
I feel his breath on my skin and hear his moan as I devour his cock with my pussy.
Up again with deliberate slowness........teasing him with my movements. As I tease his cock with my pussy, his face with my body becomes a mindless machine............wanting to fuck him........take him to the clouds and back.

My body starts to move a bit faster, more dominant than before. Driving hard onto his cock, my body envelops him.......swallows hips demand more depth. His arms wrap me closer to him........
I take his head in both my hands and look at him while I fuck lips move to his mouth as my tongue enters to dance with his. The heat burns in my breath coming hips moving faster........his body matching each of my movements as I ram onto his cock, he drives deeper into me. His arms come up around the back of me and his hands grip my shoulders........helping him to propel his hard cock deeper inside of me.
"That's it baby.......fuck me.......fuck me harder.
Make me cum" my voice deep with passion. "Yes that's it into me.......fuck me Baby."
I command him and he answers like a jackhammer fucking my cunt .......
Vigorously demanding more from me as I demand it from him.
My body is on fire.......impaling myself on his hardness.......My hips move in circles, consuming him.......rubbing myself on him as I fuck him........I feel his cock swell inside of me........his moaning coming deeper from within body answers as my orgasm grows near.......I feel it in the pit of my stomach.......building to new heights............he stands and flips me over on my back on the grass at the edge and drives himself into me........his cock ramming into me........harder, deeper........driven mindlessly to the edge.
My legs wrap around his waist and I pull myself up once again writhing under him........holding him deeply into me as my body explodes on his cock and his cock answers the hot wetness that wraps around him as my muscles constrict and his cock shoots hot seed deeply inside of me.
Holding me to him as his cock empties, his pumping subsiding.

He wraps me in his arms and kisses me as our breathing returns to normal.
"Where do we go from here?" he asks.

I smile into his face and whisper questioningly........ "To the hot tub?"

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