Saturday, April 26, 2008


By Nisaa

I want to feel your body slide into bed next to mine.....naked.
Feel you wrap your arms around my naked body and wrap me in your warmth.
I want your naked body so close to mine I can feel the blood race in your veins.
I want to kiss the pulse points in your neck and feel them throb on my lips.

Feeling your warm skin with my hands.....sliding up and down your back as our legs entwine.
I feel the hardness of your body under my fingers and smell your scent in my nostrils.
My body trembles with the knowledge of what is to come.
My fingertips lightly pass over your back to your butt cheeks and back again.
I can hear your breath intake at my touch.

Your kisses are exquisite.
Your tongue enters my mouth and my tongue dances with yours.
The electricity in our lips meeting sends messages all through me.....
Your hands holding me tight to you.....cupping my back.....sliding over my skin.
I feel my wetness starting with just your nearness.
Can you smell me?
Can you smell my scent? My body is now in preparation for your entrance.

I feel you as your hand slides down to my breast.....cupping, squeezing gently, your fingers find the hardness of my nipples and your lips slide down my face and neck to suckle at my breast.
I feel that my breast and my clit must be connected as my clit feels each and every sucking motion of your mouth on my nipple and starts to throb on its own. My legs automatically start to spread as your leg takes mine and makes room for your hand to slide down my belly. You cup my womanhood with your hand as your fingers start to play softly, subtly and your palm massages my clit.

My body responds and my hips move against your hand......slowly, gently.....wanting to be touched as you tease my slit. Your lips still on my breast, the wetness seeping out of me, your fingers splay my lips to find my clit erect and ready.
I feel your fingers move up and down my inner hear me moan.....wanting more and more from you.

My mind wants to feel what my body is feeling. My mind sees you sliding down to my wetness. Your fingers insert themselves and my mind explodes with the feeling of their invasion into my inner core.
Your fingers go deeper into me and my body wants more....deeper.....harder.....and moves on your hand. I feel on fire with my want of need of you.
My body remembers each and every time you touch me and craves what you can bring. Craves the feeling of love, passion, and wanting that you bring to the surface.
That special desire that only you create.

I feel your lips leave my breast and travel down my belly. You position yourself between my legs and I know what's coming next. I know the feel of your tongue licking me....sliding inside my lips to tease my clit. I know the feel of your mouth wrapped around my clit as you suck it and your fingers playing inside of me.
My body raises to meet your lips. My hips straining to give you better access.
My legs spreading wide for your caressing lips.

That first touch of your tongue sends thrilling sensations up my spine to burst inside my brain.
Each lick of your tongue is like the 4th of July! The feeling of your tongue tasting me is indescribable. My mind goes blank except for the feeling you induce.
My whole body becomes a sexual organ ready for your playing.
With each new time we are together you become the master musician and my body is your willing instrument.

I hear you lapping at my juices, feel your tongue on my hot hole.....licking, sucking.....wanting more from me.
My hands reach down to hold your head against me. My hips rub my clit on your face.
My body gyrates under your mouth and the pit of my stomach feels the intensity rise. I'm going to cum on your face.....on your tongue....on your fingers. The feeling ignites a fire in my system.....the heat has risen 100% and my mindless body takes over from all conscious thought. Grinding into you as my orgasm explodes and you don't continue licking until the last of my spasms have died down.
I feel you slide up my body....wrapping me in your warmth. Wrapping me in the safety of your arms. You continue kissing me and caressing my body until I come down from the incredible high you created.

Once conscious thought regains entry I once again feel the urgency in your touch. Your fingers once again rebuilding the fires I just banked.
My body is so in tune to your touch that it starts responding once again. This time you crawl inside my legs to enter me with your hard shaft.
I feel your entrance and my legs wrap around your hips and pull you in deeper and deeper. My hips grind against your hard cock.....wanting to feel your orgasm fill me.....wanting to feel your seed explode against the inside of my core.
Your arms holding you up so we can see our joining.....the feeling of oneness with you is so strong.
Our hearts are consumed with our love.
You start to move faster in and out of me. I can see the veins in your neck start to expand as your orgasm draws near. My body moves under you meeting every thrust. Needing to feel you inside of me.....needing to feel you spill yourself into me I move with all the sensual ability I have to offer.
I want to feel you, feel you explode......feel your love spill inside of me.....filling me. Any my movements are rewarded with the feel of your thrusting cock's explosion. My muscles milking you dry.

You wrap me once again in your arms and we fall asleep holding each other all night in a close embrace.
Content in the knowledge that we are in love.....and we are one.

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