Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Pool Game

By Nisaa

"Nice quiet place", thinking to myself as the cue connects with the ball and the ball slides into the pocket.
I've been looking for a "neighborhood" type bar to go by myself to unwind after a long day.
I think I've found it.
Looking around the room as I chalk my cue, "oh yes, I notice you watching me", smiling to myself.
Doesn't matter where I go, someone watches.
The smiling turns into a devilish grin as I lean over the table to take my next shot.
Maybe I should've worn a bra under this black spandex?
Maybe not as I take aim and once again connect perfectly making my shot.
Knowing you're watching is making my nipples quite noticeable under this top.
The spandex straining with my breasts.
The material clinging to and rubbing on my hard nipples.
I pretend to study the table casting you a sidelong glance.
I must admit you look pretty good in that tank top and jeans.
Maybe it's the way you hold your beer bottle as you watch me.
Who's kidding whom here? I think it's the way you watch me.

My shot is at the opposite end of the table to you.
I'll have to bank it off the rail to make this shot or could I just lean into the table, one leg off the ground?
Will you notice my nice firm butt in the air?
Will you notice how my skirt rides up my hips with each movement?
It's the boots. You'll notice the boots won't you? Men like the spiked heels on these boots. Heaven knows I dress with care in the morning, knowing exactly what men will like. Caressing the corner of the table with my body, I take my shot. "Crack" the sound seems to reverberate in the air. Satisfied with that connection I glide over to the bar where my drink is and take a taste. Every move I make as sleek as a cat, but more like a panther than a house cat. Black is my favorite color and my black outfit exudes the confidence I carry with me every where I go. The eight ball is left. Straight in shot to the corner pocket. Easy for anyone to make. Should I make it look a bit difficult? Smiling once again I lean over the table, showing exaggerated cleavage, the eight ball sinks into its destination. You leave your post behind the bar and put your money on the table, looking at me, not saying anything, just looking. I smile at you and ask, "Was wondering how long you'd let me play by myself?". The other customers had all left for home.
I noticed I was the only one left in the bar.
"Did you want to close? I could leave"

"The last thing I want you to do is leave," you say.
"If you're not too tired, perhaps a game or two so I can unwind?"

"Rack 'em up" and you do.
The sound of the balls falling into the cradle echoes in the now empty bar.

"My table, your shot" as I slide over to the chalk taking it back to the barstool with me.
Sitting down and crossing my legs, I'm figuring you'll make a couple balls in and you don't disappoint me.

Don't think I haven't noticed that nice ass of yours in those jeans.
I take in everything around me, and especially you.
"Do you play much pool?" you ask.
"Some, but not on a team anymore".
My shot comes and you've left me solids to play with.
You're still standing near the table and I walk in front of you, between you and the table, brushing your body slightly with mine.
I look back into your eyes and smile.
"You're new around here, to this place I mean," you say this as more of a thought than a question.
"Looking for a place to unwind, a quiet place where I can go unnoticed".
"Lady, I don't know where you'd go without being noticed", and you blush as you realize you voiced that thought out loud.
I laugh and wink at you, "Seems you have a point there, however, I've noticed you too".

Bending over the table, cleavage apparent, my cue rings true once more.
"Can I see that stick for a minute?" and I hand it to you.
"It's flashy, I also noticed the stick", you manage to say as you check the balance on my cue.
"Yes, everything I do is flashy", and I wink at you once again.
By this time my body is on fire.
My mind imagining you naked playing pool with me.
My pussy is moist with the juice of my womanhood.
I can smell my scent and I'm sure you can too.
I wonder if you'll notice I'm not wearing any underwear as I magnify my bend once more over the table.
"Too much English. I do miss a shot now and then", and I laugh as you approach the table.
I'm noticing the bulge in your pants.
As I walk past you, my hand goes to the crotch of your jeans, applying a bit of pressure, looking you in the eyes, "Nice stick", a bit more pressure and I walk back to the bar.

Three more balls hit and on the fourth you miss.
I've watched you move over the table, around the table.
Noticed your hands on the cue, your breathing, your eyes on the ball your eyes watching me from across the table.
You don't move.
Waiting for me to approach the table.
I have to cross your path once more and this time you place your cue in front of me so I have to stop.
I lean back a bit on the table as I turn to you, looking you in the eye, your mouth moving for mine.
I feel your free hand take my upper arm and guide me closer to you.
Your lips taste mine as your hand skims down my back.
Taking my ass cheek in your hand, you squeeze it and pull me to you once more.
This time your tongue invades my mouth, slowly at first, then with more insistence.
"Nice ass", you say as your lips travel down my neck, your hand caressing my back side, my hands take in the sides of your head and I pull your mouth to mine once more.
My tongue invading your mouth, my body invading your space, close to you for slight contact � feel the electricity in the air between us.
Take your best shot and by this time the pool game long forgotten.
You gather both our cues and place them on the table.
Then you gather my body to yours, your mouth on mine.
Crushing me to you � your hands grip my waste and sit me down on the table.
My skirt ridden up, my legs slightly part, your hand goes to my pussy, as your mouth assaults mine once more.

"I want you," you whisper as your fingers apply pressure to my hot wet cunt.
"I want you right here, right now" and your fingers enter my body sliding into the wetness, my legs spreading further to aid your access to me.
"What's stopping you?", I ask as your lips travel to my cleavage, your free hand pulling the spandex down under my breasts.
Licking my nipples one to the other as your fingers pump into me.
The feeling is exquisite.

A public bar, the smells of cigarette smoke, beer.......and sex........quite overwhelming.
I lay back on the table and my body starts to move for you.......writhing for you.......wanting you just as much.
Your head travels to between my legs and I raise my hips for your tongue.
Your hand never leaving my breasts, your mouth licking me, sucking my clit, tongue dipping into me where your fingers were.
I feel the heat of your breath on my wetness and press my pussy into your face.
"Lick me hard, take me with your tongue" and you grab my hips to pull me to you as my body balances on the edge of the table.
My long legs spread even further, my booted feet raising to the sides of the table.
I open myself wide for you, for your mouth, for your fingers.
Your mouth devouring me with an expertise as if we've known each other forever, delving your tongue into me, exploring, lapping at my hot juice.

I feel the edge coming nearer, my body responding to your tongue, my breath coming in short gasps.
You tell me to cum on your tongue, "Cum for me baby, let me taste all of you, cum on my tongue, on my face.
I want to eat you until you cum".
My moans quite audible with my body movements, my hands taking your head and applying pressure to my hot cunt.
"Oh yes baby, yes........take me with that tongue, fuck me with your face.......make me cum for you" and your tongue licks, and plunges, and your mouth sucks on my clit.

My body so unbelievably turned on, my squirming telling you I'm so near to orgasm, my hips meeting your face as I fuck your tongue, your fingers........and my orgasm starts at the pit of my stomach and my body jerks with the pressure and I explode on your face as you lap up every drop of my cum.

As my body starts to calm, your lips travel up my my mouth and I taste myself off of your tongue.
You raise me to you and hold me tight as I gather my strength and slide down off the table brushing your engorged cock with my pussy as I kiss you back.
"Your turn now baby" as I hike up my skirt and turn around with my back facing ass rubbing on your cock.
"Take that out of your pants, I want it inside of me", and your hands had traveled up to my bare breasts, now releasing them as I bend over the table, my bare ass staring up at you........
"take me now baby" and your jeans are unzipped and I hear you pull them from your body.

Your hard cock slaps me on the ass and then you guide it to my wet slit.
You enter me from behind, hard and fierce, your hips connecting with my ass, your balls slapping my pussy lips.
Your hands once again grabbing my hips and pulling me to you, pushing yourself into me again and again, each time harder than the last time.
I feel your steel shaft split me wide open and my body once again responds.
You're moaning and grunting and fucking me so hard.
My ass pushing against you......wanting more, and still more, my muscles wrap around you and milk your cock with each thrust.
"That's it baby, feel it.......feel your cock surrounded by me.......feel my muscles milk it baby, fuck me hard."
And your thrusts become more powerful, your body responding to my words.
Your hands grab my hips hard and you impale me on your cock as it explodes inside of me and shoots hot cum splashing the walls of my love canal.
I feel you pumping into me, your explosion violent inside of me as another wave overcomes my body and I orgasm with you.
You lay your body on top of mine, stuck together in ecstasy.
And you kiss my back and caress my sides.

Separating us, you move to behind the bar for towels to clean up.
I smile at you and ask if you come here often.
"I own the place."
I move away, grabbing my purse and my jacket as you stop me at the door asking, "But what is your name?"


"Where are you going?"

"Going to rest up for our game tomorrow night � If you care to play again?"

I wink and walk out of the bar.

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