Friday, April 25, 2008

Dare to Disobey Me

By Nisaa

Walking into the house, having had a very tough day.
I set my briefcase down and flip through the mail.
"Where are you?" I wonder.
"Why aren't you here to great me?" and I hear a faint moan coming from the bedroom.
I've had such a bad day and don't enjoy surprises when I get home.
Opening the door I see you lying there, naked on the bed.
Your hard cock in your hand.
You are so intent in what you are doing that I realize you haven't even heard me enter the room.
My pictures strewn all over the bed.....some of the naked photos you have taken of me closest to your body.

I watch you as I slip out of my panties quietly, your body so hard and your cock standing straight up for me.
I see the precum forming at the head of your huge dick and yearn to lick it off you.
I want to suck your cock till you explode in my mouth.
I can almost feel your length sliding between my lips.

Oh but you've been a bad boy.
You disobeyed one of my major rules.
No masturbating until I tell you and can watch.
My heeled leg goes to the side of the bed, hiking my skirt high on my naked thighs.
In unison I grab your hair and your cock, "What's this?
What is going on? What are you doing with my cock in your hand?"
Your eyes flip open wide and you stammer to answer, "Mmmmmistress.....I didn't, I didn't hear you come home."
"That's quite obvious to me slave.
You lay here how often playing with my cock while I'm away?"
"No mistress, no...." and you try to rise and I slam your head down into the pillow looking you straight in the eyes, "What is this you were doing then?"
"But mistress, I was so lonesome, I was so hot thinking about you ...."
"You were lonesome? Hot? My poor baby needed my body and I wasn't home?", taking your cock newly released from your hand and gripping it with mine.
"You missed my touch? Is this what you missed slave?", stroking you slowly at first and then squeezing until you moan.
"Yes Mistress, yes.....I needed you to touch my cock.
Stroke it like only you can Mistress."
And I comply.....sliding my hand over the tip of your cock getting precum on the palm and fingers, then sliding it up and down your steel shaft.
I watch as it gets harder, throbbing in my hand, more precum forming at the tip and I bend close to it to lick just the head.
Once again I hear you moan and your hips rise up to my mouth.
My grip tightens and I stroke you harder....longer strokes.....squeezing with each upward motion.

"Is this what you missed? My touch? My hands? My lips on your cock?"
"Oh please Mistress, don't be angry?"
My hand leaves your cock and I take your hair in my other hand raising your head to my lips.
Long, lingering kiss with deep tongue thrusts assault your mouth.
I whisper into your lips, "Now suck my clit. Eat my wet cunt slave. Eat it as though your life depended on it."
And I unzip my skirt and slide it off my hips.....your eyes grow wide at the mere thought of my naked pussy, but when you see it, your tongue moistens your lips and you put my leg back up on the bed, sliding your head between my legs to start licking me softly at first.

Your tongue darting in and out of your mouth sliding over my clit, molesting me with each tap of your tongue.
You raise your body up and sit on the side of the bed.....grasping my ass cheeks in each hand you take my body with you as you lay down again on the bed, this time with me straddling your face, my thighs on either side of your face, my body straining to not smother you.
You continue to lick and taunt me with your tongue.
Delving inside of me licking me harder and harder, playing with my clit with your thumb.
I lean over on the bed and rake your face with my hot cunt.
Sliding myself along your tongue.
You know when I start this to just let me go, your hard tongue is my target.
You reach around my ass and start to tease my anus with a finger......I'm fucking your face with my dripping pussy, each motion of your tongue driving me nearer and nearer the edge.
The tip of your finger slides into my ass as I move harder and harder on your face.
I'm grunting and moaning like a woman possessed and you eat me hungrily as if starving, the flat of your tongue along the length of my slit, stopping to go deep into me, then out to lick your way to my ass and back again.

"Fuck me Slave. Fuck me now. Ride me hard."
And you scramble out from under me and enter my cunt from behind with your engorged shaft.
"Fuck me it" and you shove your cock deep inside of me, grabbing my hair and pulling me back onto you.
My cunt dripping, running down your balls.....the sweet smell of sex assails my nose driving me crazy. I feel your cock expand further inside of muscles working your cock, grabbing and squeezing....milking at you.
My orgasm explodes on your cock.
Hard and fierce my muscles contract.
My body slowing from exertion.
My breath coming back to me slowly.
My mind clears as I feel you inside of me still.

I lay down on the bed and you lay down at my side.
"That was nice Slave. Exactly the way I like to be fucked. But you didn't cum did you?"
And you quietly say "No Mistress", but I feel your hips slightly moving on my thigh, your cock soaked with my orgasm.
"You want to cum don't you Slave? You want to cum hard and fast don't you Slave? If I tell you to cum for me now.....would you?"
"Oh Yes Mistress, please, let me cum for you?"

I slip off the bed and stand in front of you.
While unbuttoning my blouse, and taking off my bra, I stroke your cock intermittently as you lay there on your back.
You face intent on my huge breasts as they fall from my bra.
I take my hands and cup them.....playing with the nipples with my thumbs and forefingers.
"Do you like these? Do you like my tits Slave? Would you love to cum in between my tits?"
Your head nods affirmation as my hands continue to caress my breasts, lifting them so I can lick my nipples with my tongue.
This motion driving you crazy with wanting me.

I kneel at the side of the bed and pull you to me.
Once again you're sliding down the bed to sit at the edge.
I take your cock in my hand, slick with my cum, and stroke it a few times.
Kneading it expertly with my hands.
Dipping the head of your cock into my mouth with each upward stroke. Grazing the head with my teeth.
Your breath intakes with each stroke and I feel your body tremble.
Just once taking the length of it totally into my throat.
Sucking hard on it as I slide it out of my mouth, creating a vacuum, pulling it with my lips.

Leaving the floor, I lay down on my back.
Again taking my breasts in my hands as you watch me.
Holding them up high for you.
You reach in the side draw of the nightstand and grab the bottle oil and spill it on my chest.
I take my hands and oil my breasts for you, sensually grabbing them, cupping them.....holding them up for you.
"Fuck them now. Fuck my breasts."
You straddle my chest and I wrap your hard cock in their fullness as you start to fuck my chest.
Your cock sliding in and out of my cleavage easily from the oil.
My mouth opens and you know I want to suck your head as you fuck me.
And your cock gets closer and closer as my tongue darts out of my mouth, licking the head of your cock as it plunges in and out of my tits.
Your hands taking over from mine, you start squeezing my breasts around your cock harder.
My hands grip your ass cheeks and spreads them.
My finger drives into your ass sending you once again closer to my mouth.
As I fuck your ass with my finger, your cock head slides into my lips and I taste you, and my cum, and the oil that has greased your way. I start to suck furiously on the head of your steel are holding it there in my mouth while it is wrapped in my chest.
I feel your body start to shake.
Your ass being fucked by my finger, your cock sucked by my mouth and your hands holding my tits to your shaft as it barely moves.
You're moaning harder and harder and then one deep plunge into my mouth and your cock explodes down my throat.
I'm sucking your orgasm harder and harder as you thrust into my mouth.....shooting your hot cum into me in spurts.
Grabbing your ass and holding you inside of my mouth, you empty yourself into me with one last thrust and collapse on the bed beside me.

I gather you into my arms. Kissing you on the lips. I give you a hug and before I leave your side I tell you, "We'll talk about your punishment later."
I slap your ass and walk out of the room to take a shower.

Smiling as my mind already thinks of what to do to you for masturbating without me.

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