Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Imagine an Office

By Nisaa

Imagine an office....I'm sitting at my desk.....
you sit across the room from me....and as you turn in your chair, I'm chatting on the phone with someone and see you glance my way.....
I spread my legs - my skirt hikes up my thighs.....
my wet lips part as you stare at can't help but notice I'm not wearing panties....
and the harder you stare....the more my legs open and close for you.....teasing you.....wanting you......I see you licking your lips.....

Will you sit there at your desk looking busy yet wondering what it would be like to crawl between my legs with your tongue?
Should I drive you that much to distraction?
Be the tease you want me to be.
Be the woman you want to lick with every breath you take?

I can. I can be that woman.
I can make you want me. I can see you coming nearer to me.
Taking the phone from my hand.
Your hands on each side of my face.....holding my head up for your kiss.
You kneel in front of me taking my hips and pulling me down further on my chair.
I say nothing through this....letting you have your way.
I like this, like the way you've taken charge.
Like the way you smell, the manliness of your cologne.
You seem to want this, you seem to crave this.....silently making me let you do this......your hands spread my legs wide, pushing my skirt all the way up my hips.
You have exposed my pussy for your full view.
Go ahead.
Spread my lips for your tongue.
Taste me.

I feel you lick me.
The flat of your tongue along my lips. Savoring my taste.
I want your tongue on me.....lick me long and hard. Take me in your mouth.
I want your tongue inside of me.....darting in and out of my wet cunt.....oh and I'm getting wetter with the thoughts.
It's very difficult to maintain this phone conversation while I'm wanting your personal attention.

Perhaps I'll just hold my lips open for you.
Let you feast your eyes as I lick my lips and my wetness glistens for you....can you imagine the taste, the feel?
Can you hear me moan as you start to caress my naked wetness?
Would you want to hear me moan for you?
My legs wrap around your head or should they lay loosely draped over your shoulders?
As long as my scent is assailing your nostrils, my taste on your tongue, would you care where my legs were as long as they were spread wide for your pleasure?

You're trying not to watch me.....aren't you?
I see you visibly straining to keep turned the other way....but oh the view I'm giving you.
What would you do if I started to finger myself while you tried not to watch? Should we find out?
Hmmmmmmmmmm....that's such a delicious feeling.
Watch my finger.....sliding up and down my lips.....playing with my clit.
Hear the sound of my wetness as I no longer try to hide it from you.
Yes, turn and watch me.
Turn and watch me fuck myself with my fingers......
I can pretend they're long before they are?
How long before your hard cock would slide inside of me?
Feeling my slick wetness surround your full cock.....feel my muscles squeeze you as you fuck me.....
How hard can I make you? How hard will your cock get for me?
Drip for me.....feel my cunt surround the head of your cock as it drips pre-cum for me.

Would you pull me onto your cock?
Yes, you would wouldn't you......I can feel you tug at my arms, drawing me to you.....
your hard cock standing straight up as I sit down on it drawing it into me.....
go ahead - take one look at my pussy as it descends on your cock and swallows it.
Oh you feel so good inside of me.....your cock so hard, throbbing, thick with cum.....

Oh yes....Don't think I haven't noticed you.
You've been trying not to watch me at work for about a week now.
I've decided to play your game.

Did you notice?
While you were staring at my wet pussy .... Oh I bet you did.
My fingers slipped to my mouth, sucking slightly on my fingers while my legs opened for your view.
We share an office, how can you not notice?

Now tomorrow..... When my breasts sway while I walk?
Will you notice how hard my nipples get under my silk shirt?
I can feel the silk against my breasts already, my nipples getting hard just thinking about playing with you....
Will you notice them rubbing on the silk - hard and ripe for your lips?
Or will you be watching me walk past your desk? Will you be looking for panty lines?
I bet you never noticed my phone conversation ended a long time ago.....I just wanted to be holding something hard and stiff in my hand as I imagined we share an office.

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