Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It Starts With a Feather

By Nisaa

"Ohhhhh.....why doesn't someone answer that phone?", thinking myself awake.
Lying naked on my stomach on the bed wondering what time it is.
What is this?
Trying to move my leg didn't work......looking at my wrists, then my ankles.
I'm tied to the bed?!!
Oh who is playing games now?
"Honey, Honey are you still here?.......C'mon this is quite cute but I don't think games are what's called for now"
Getting no answer I decide I must relax until he comes to release me.
Was I a bit rough last night that he's decided to take his turn?
Smiling to myself.......No.......perhaps not rough enough for his taste......but he liked it for sure.......Hmmmmm.....oh yes, he was quite pleased.

Having fallen back to sleep, I waken to that soft sensation of feathery things gliding along my skin.
Soft music playing in the background.......I turn my head and see you standing there naked and hard.
You do have a feather in your hand.
You grin at me, not saying a word and continue with the feather moving it over my foot, my ankle......slowly, painstakingly up the calf of my leg.
You know the back of my knee is ticklish so you don't quite avoid that spot but you lightly glaze over it continuing up my thigh.

Oh that feels rather nice.
The feather floats across my buttocks, sliding up and down the crack of my ass, then circling around on my butt cheeks.
Almost subconsciously I lift my bottom to you, noticing you did give me a bit of give in the satin ties.
You once again start to travel on my body. Feeling the feather start once more......up my sides, to the curving swells of my breasts as they're crushed beneath me, gliding up my back, over my neck.......I feel your hand gently touch my skin.......lightly, almost not touching me at all. Taking the path the feather left for you.

"Like it baby?" you whisper.
"I know you will like this". Once more with the feather, you travel......down my spine to my ass.
Your one arm goes under me, directing me to prop myself up with my knees until the satin ties go taught.
You put the feather down and take my legs with your hands and spread them.
I am quite vulnerable in this position, my pussy open for your review.
The feather glides over my pussy lips, stopping to tickle......back up to the crack of my ass and down to my pussy lips.
You're very busy going softly back and forth with the feather.
Your hand comes up to caress my butt cheek, the feather lightly playing with my skin. Your fingers gently massage my skin, squeezing my ass.
I feel you behind me on the bed.

The feather trails off and I feel your hands one on each cheek. Spreading them as you squeeze me.
You bend to kiss my cheeks. I feel your tongue making circles on my skin.
Your tongue licking its way to my pussy lips. Long easy strokes with your tongue.
Dipping your tongue tip into me once and then the flat of your tongue sliding up my pussy.
Your finger sliding inside of me.
My wetness evident at the sounds your finger makes going in and out of my hot cunt.
A moan escapes me as your lips start to nibble on my clit, your finger entering me again.
You finger fuck me as you suck gently at first on my clit, then applying more suction, harder and harder you suck my clit.
Your tongue and lips lapping up the juice as it flows freely from me.

You take my ass in both hands and insert your stiff tongue inside my hot cunt as far as you can, crushing me to you.
Licking and sucking, your tongue assaults my hot core.
You hungrily eat me like a starving man.
You seem to be all over me.
The flat of your tongue licking me to my ass, your tongue inserting in my hole, and then your lips wrap around my clit and you suck hard on me.
All the while holding me closely to your face.

Your lips leave my wet cunt and I feel you kneeling close behind me.
Your hard cock rubbing my skin.
"Did you like that Baby?" you ask in a whisper.
I am whimpering from the pleasure you have evoked.
My body on fire and begging for release.
"Tell me you want my cock" state almost a command while you rub your cock on me, up and down my ass, sliding along my cunt lips bumping my hot hard clit with the tip of your steel shaft.
"Tell me what you want Baby" and you continue to play.
I'm feeling quite helpless.
At your mercy as you have engineered this totally to your advantage.

"Yes, Yes, take me now," I say in a hoarse throaty whisper.
"This? This is what you want?" and you slide your cock hard inside of me, ramming me with it, burying it to your balls.
Then slowly take it from me. "This what you want Baby?
My hard cock fucking you?
Tell me you want this.
Should I fuck you hard with my cock?" as again you only play with me.

My body arched for your entrance, my hips trying to move back onto your cock.
Your hands grip my ass, once again spreading my ass cheeks.
Your cock slides up my crack and plays at the entrance to my ass.
Fucking my ass cheeks as your wet cock slowly slips between my ass cheeks made slick by my own wetness on your cock.
"How do you want it Baby?
Hard and fast like this?" and your cock slams into me, fucking me harder and harder with each stroke.
Then stopping as you ask, "or soft and sweet like this?" and you enter me slowly, stopping and holding it hard inside of me, deep, buried and throbbing.
Then slowly backing out, slipping inside so slowly, gently, holding it deep again inside of me.
Barely moving but I feel you move.
My senses whirling around me.
The feelings growing in the pit of my stomach.
Your hand reaches up and grabs my hair, slightly pulling my head toward you.
"Say it, tell me what you want" you demand of me while your cock is buried deep inside of me and my hips start to move on it.
Pushing my body back onto you, impaling myself on your shaft.
My hips start to make a circular motion, pushing you into me as my muscles start to squeeze you.
You kneel still behind me letting me fuck you with my wet cunt.

"Yes Baby. Do it. Fuck me Baby.
I need your cock hard and fast. Fuck me Baby. Fuck me now."
My breath ragged as I whisper my need of you. "Please, fuck me now. Make me cum.
Do me like you would a whore. Make me your whore. Please Baby, I need your cock to fuck me" and you start as you tug on my head still holding my hair.
I feel your hips moving, your cock starts to pound into me, riding me hard.
Your cock burying itself deep inside of me with each move.
Ramming into me. Your hands go to my hips holding them and you pull me back onto you with each stroke.
Ramming me like a jackhammer, fucking me hard.
Your balls slapping my clit, your cock deeper each time you enter me.......our bodies find a rhythm that matches the fucking motion we need to complete our release.
My body bucks under you matching you stroke for stroke.
I feel your body start to tense up.
I hear your moaning through my unconscious mind. My hips now assault your cock as I feel you hand over control to me.
My body gyrates under you, making your breath ragged as mine.
My hips circling, squeezing your cock, milking motion starting as you try to pull out and then push back into me.
My cunt wrapped tightly around your steel hard shaft.

"Hang on Baby," I squeal, "Hang on.
I'm going to cum on your cock. I'm going to explode all over you.
Cum with me Baby. Cum inside of me. Spill your seed into me now."
And my orgasm body pushing hard on your cock and I feel your body arch, deeper inside of me I feel your orgasm erupt inside of me, thrust after thrust your seed spills into me. My body slows holding you inside of me.
You hold your cock deep, emptying yourself within me.

Still deep in me, I feel you reach to untie my ankles, then release yourself from my cunt, reaching up as you slide up my body to untie my wrists.
You wrap me in your arms, holding me tightly to you. My hands stroking your chest.
Kissing you lightly. "I Love you", you whisper into my forehead as you kiss it.......
I reply with my declaration of love for you and we drift off into another sleep.
Consumed in the knowledge of our deep bond.

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