Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post Operation

By Nisaa

"Ms. Nisaa....Ms. Nisaa....are you awake?
Time to wake up now. Come on....come back to us.
Time to wake up now? Are you awake?"

My eyes open to bright lights overhead and the feeling of "where am I?" going through my brain.
Oh....I remember.....I just had surgery.
The nurse standing over me is quite young and she looks a bit concerned.
"Yes....I'm awake.....I'm okay?"

"The doctor will be here to see you in just a bit.
You had a close call but you're going to be fine".....and I drift back to sleep.....

My eyes open once more and I feel the gurney being moved.
I look around and spot transport looking down at me and I know I'm on my way back to my room.
They gently put me back into my bed and prop me with pillows.
The IV's are re-hooked and hung at the side of my bed and the lights are on their softest setting.
I know it's nighttime as they draw the drapes in my room.
My family smiles at me and asks how I feel....I know I tell them I'm fine and they stand around my bed and talk to me and around me as I feel like I'm floating above the bed watching what's going on.
It's been a long time since I was in any hospital.
They say my appendix burst as they were taking them out of me.
The pain is gone so I know the appendix is gone. The doctor still has yet to appear.
I think I'll rest. I know I tell my family to go home.....
I'm fine and I'll see them in the morning.
Don't sit with me all night.
I'm a big girl and the nurses will care for me now.
They say their good-byes and quietly leave the room.

I'm lying there in a semi-awake state.
Taking stock of my body.
I realize the gown I have on is only draped over me.
And I feel with my free body feels warm to the touch.
The dressing is on my lower stomach.
Not too bulky it seems.
Not pressing on it too much as it is sore.
I think it is sore.
I guess the pain medication hasn't worn off just yet.

The doctor comes quietly into the room.
I must've dozed off.
He's feeling my face and forehead.
My eyes open and I see the warmest huge brown eyes looking down at me smiling.
"Hello Nisaa. How do you feel?"
"Well Doc, on any given day but today I'd tell you I feel with my hands.
You tell me - how do I feel?"
I notice there's no surgical nursing assistant with him.
Unusual for them to be alone with a patient, especially a female patient.

"You are going to be just fine.
We had a bit of a mess to clean up but I will keep you here a few days.
We want to watch you carefully so you don't have any infection. You feel fine."
I'm starting to awaken fully as I watch him.
He asks if he can look at my bandage.
I smile and say sure wondering if he noticed my pussy is hairless.
I wonder what they had to say while I was asleep.
Did someone ask who shaved me for surgery? I giggle a bit in my thoughts and he looks at me as he takes down my covers and slides my gown to the side.
He's feeling my stomach and checking the bandage for leakage.
His hand is very low and brushes my skin oh so lightly.
He has good hands.
I noticed that before the surgery.
"Do I still feel fine Doctor?"
I guess I kind of startled him. He seems a bit embarrassed as I raised my hips pretending to adjust my body.
"You have wonderful hands Doc. That feels so good. Don't stop just yet."
And he continues to feel my skin, traveling down my legs....gently squeezing in different spots.
My legs spread just a bit.
This is a natural reaction for me.
Down to my ankle he goes and back up again...again stopping here and there.
Gently applying pressure with his wonderful hands. Down my other leg.
Stopping at my thigh for what seems like an over long stop, I hear myself moan a bit.
"Are you in pain Nisaa?"
"Oh no pain....just feeling the sensation of your hands on me."
"I have to check your legs....I have to..." and I stop him.
Telling him to check some more as I'm enjoying his hands.
When this hand comes back up to my thigh it's on the inside.
He travels with his hands all the way up the inside of my thigh.
My legs spread further for him and his fingers graze my pussy lips.
"Am I wet Doctor? I can't help but get wet when such expert hands are on my body."

He slides his fingers along my lips and feels my wetness....sliding one finger up and down my hips move a bit on his finger, giving him encouragement to go on.
I feel his finger slide to my opening.
He looks at me....straight in my eyes and I stare back at him and nod my head.
"Yes....please touch me there.....I need to be touched there."
My hand travels down to my wet pussy lips and I open them wide with my own hand....
he's watching me and I see his chest raise and lower as his breath quickens.

"Taste me doctor. You know you want to taste me.
Smell my core as it beckons for your tongue."
And I see his body start to move toward me....his other hand now caressing my breasts....
my nipples rock hard at his control.
His finger slides inside of me and my hips move on his hand.
My legs spread and his tongue touches my mound.
All I can think of is I need him. I need this sensation.
I need to know that I am still alive and can still feel.
A moan escapes my lips as my hips reach up to his mouth.
His tongue sliding along my wet lips.....he stops to gently suck on my clit.
Harder, then harder he sucks.....he brings two fingers into me.
His other hand leaving my breasts to spread my hot cunt for him.
My hand goes to his surgical pants and I feel his hardening cock from the outside of his pants......
I'm massaging his shaft as he licks me.....and his tongue is as expert as his hands were in the operating room.
My hand goes to the waste band and releases the tie.
I want to feel his cock in my hand.
I want to squeeze him....
wrap my fingers around him and feel the juice start to form at the head of his cock while I pump him.

His tongue wants more.....
my legs are spread wide open for him as he dips his tongue inside of me.
My hot wet cunt responds and he laps up my juices whispering into my hot hole.....
he wants more.....his tongue is strong and hard......
he once again slips his fingers inside of me.....his tongue circling my clit.....
his mouth traveling up my body, stopping at my bandage to kiss it....
then his mouth is engulfing my breasts....
teasing my nipples with his tongue.....his fingers pumping into me.
"Cum for me Nisaa....cum on my hand.....let my fingers make you feel good......
let my tongue devour your clit as you cum for me."
He stops to kiss my mouth....
whispering what a delicious patient I am....I moan into his lips, breathless.....
wanting more.

His hand and fingers fucking me - each penetration deeper than the last.
My hand grips his hard cock and pulls it to me....pumping him harder.....
wanting to feel his manhood throbbing in my hand getting ready to explode for me.
His lips travel back to my pussy lips and his tongue once again licking and sucking me.....
licking me harder and clit extended for his mouth.
My body arches up as he finger fucks me and takes my clit into his mouth sucking.
His hips making his cock fuck my hand.
I'm going to cum on his face....I'm going to cum for him.....
I just had surgery and I'm going to cum so hard for this man I just met before surgery......

"Nisaa, Nisaa....wake up now Nisaa.
We have to get you back to your room now so you can rest.
The doctor will see you there."

Now that's a post-operative fantasy!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm doctor!!
Can I cum again?

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