Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Mission ~ If You Choose To Accept It

By Nisaa

My plan is simple.

It was created to tempt you beyond the limits of any man.
It was meant to arouse you - tease you - make you want me
I enjoy doing exactly that and will try my best to let you know it mentally and physically .

I'm a very oral person ..
kissing is one of my favorites during the foreplay ritual
tongues dancing together
hands exploring lightly but just barely touching
kiss me deep with your tongue
kissing is highly sexual
and I enjoy it
hold me close to you
let me feel your naked skin next to mine and just slide your hands over my body
let me slide my hands over your body hovering near your thick hard cock but not quite touching
teasing till the teasing is frenzied

Imagine my legs spread naked on the bed and my knees cocked my naked pussy there for you to see
lips split open
I have this electric toy that has 4 different attachments
the one I particularly like is a stemmed paddle type
while I was using it after our phone call - being in exactly that position
the paddle can dip into my hot wet cunt and the stem vibrates along my lips and sets my clit on fire
I laid there and imagined your tongue in it's place
licking and teasing
playing tasting
and I got wetter and wetter till I could feel it drip down my butt
flowing quite nicely just for you
wanting to crush your head to me
but know this - I will fight you when I get close to orgasm
My body responds to the sheer enjoyment of orgasm wanting to orgasm is the ultimate goal of this plan
and my goal will be in the wanting to feel your hard stiff cock inside of me
deep, stroking in and out as I milk your cock
squeezing it
when I fight you
and I will fight you
I may even try to push you away
may tell you no
If this is how you want me to cum, don't listen to my pleas.

I may beg you to fuck me and fuck me hard and deep
then you must pin me down
my hips to the bed, couch, floor
where ever we are
and continue to eat me voraciously until I cum on your face on your tongue
I will literally fuck your face.

If your cock is in my mouth, I will suck it wildly
sucking and licking
teeth grazing the head
sucking hard on the head while I stroke it with my hand
you will get hard and throb for me
your head will swell in my mouth
while I'm writhing under you
my hands will grab your butt cheeks and pull you into my mouth
I will try to make you cum so hard.

I will try with everything I have to make you cum.
I want to feel it shoot into me while I swallow you
the more you get turned on by what I'm doing the crazier I'll get
the more insane I will seem.

It will be your will power that will have to over ride what I'm doing
you will have to make me stop if you want to fuck me
you will have to pull your cock away from me and plunge your cock into me deeply
oh yes, do it baby fuck me harder and harder
fuck me with all you have
drive into me and make me cum on your cock
make me squirm under you till the orgasm rocks my body and you can't hold back any longer
let us explode together .

A word of, shall we say, warning here - I may get the urge to suck your cock while we're sitting and watching TV
and if I want to suck your cock, not much will stop me.

You can sit there and watch me - I will kneel on the floor between your knees so you CAN watch
because I love it when you're moaning and groaning and watching me suck your steel shaft - I will try to drive you insane with pleasure
till you think you are going to explode
see how long you can stand it - try to hold still for the pure torture of it see how long it will be before you pull my head to you and your hips move in and out of my mouth
your cock fucking my face ..

Fuck my face baby
let me drink from you
let me suck you dry.

I get images sometimes of me on the bed
floor couch
naked - your fingers fucking me as I suck on your cock
you are kneeling/standing beside me
I want to play with your cock while you finger fuck me
I want to lick and suck you till you are insane
let me take your balls into my mouth - gently suck them while I squeeze you hard
pumping your cock
let me wrap my hands around your cock and feed it into my mouth, or you feed it to me
you wrap your hand around your cock and feed me your cock
feed it to me and watch me swallow your cock
drive it in my mouth and fuck me hard with your fingers.

Even though you haven't pushed the line with fucking yet - I will push you
perhaps over the limit
it is up to you
but I will want it
and you will know this
the rest will be up to you.

Fuck me with toys, your fingers, your mouth until you can't stand it any longer and feel the need to plunge into my heat and fuck me hard and long
stroke for stroke my hips will meet you
or I'll sit on you and fuck you
straddling you
feeling the length of your hardness enter me time and again
I will take it out of me and lay it on your belly as I slide my lips along the shaft
bumping my clit with the head
till I've sufficiently teased both of us and need to be fucked or need to fuck.

Feel free to try your ideas
nothing between two consenting adults is forbidden in my realm.
Sexual enjoyment, pleasure, excitement
passion heat fire .electric impulses .if you feel like fucking me and pinning me to the bed - the floor in the hallway
go ahead - make me your whore
ask me if I am
I would tell you yes
make me obey
Make me beg if you feel the need
I will in turn at some point ask you if you need this hot cunt
want it so badly you can't stand to be without it
and make you beg for it
teasing you until you do
want this cunt baby?

Want to fuck this hot wet cunt?
Feel it baby
feel the wetness there just for you
taste it, smell it
fuck it baby
do it.

This is "our" time
no reality
say what you will
speak freely as I will say what I want .fuck words to drive you crazier
as I want you to feel no inhibitions and do what you'd like
whatever happens between us during "our" time will not intrude on our individual reality

I cannot say how you will feel - if guilt may set in for what we've done
this is up to you - your mind has to control that
for I will try to entice you into perhaps depths unknown
my body and sexuality cannot always be controlled by me
if you say no
it will be no
but I will be weak
and wanting
don't expect me to stop what you want to do
I will not stop you

If I'm walking past you and you feel the urge to bury your face in my pussy - go ahead
do it
fuck me with your tongue, a toy - your fingers
lick me till I cum
because I assure you if I so desire to suck your cock as you walk by
I will make your knees weak and you will wonder how you can remain upright
burying my head sucking your cock
touching you
feeling your skin
feeling you tremble is my goal
hearing you moan loudly
wanting to feel you shudder as you start to fuck my mouth
feeling my sweet lips close around your shaft
go ahead baby
explode for me
shoot your hot cum into my mouth.

Of course you realize that my ultimate goal is to feel your hot cum shoot inside of my core
pumping harder and harder
like a rutting bull
sweat for me Darling
fuck my hot hole and feel the pleasure there waiting for you
I want to feel you inside of me
hold still hovering above me and let me pull my hips and grind on you
don't move
don't twitch
hold still and let me fuck you that way till you can't stand not to move and literally fuck the hell out of me
driving you insane.

This plan will not self-destruct in 10 seconds.
It will be here for you to explore
it will be here for you to read
to tempt you
and yes, to drive you into my plan for us.

Should you accept this mission, then you can count on many days, and many nights of pure sexual pleasure

All you have to do is say "Yes".

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