Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Birthday Present

By Nisaa

'This is by far the most bizarre thing we've been asked to do.....well, okay for a total stranger.'
'Well, lets do it and hope his friends were right in their assessment of the birthday boy'...pressing the buzzer for the doorbell.

Opening the door, he looks at us....probably wondering why two strange women are at his door at this hour of the night.
'Hello, may I help you?'

'That depends. Are you Liam Bradz?'
'Yes...I am.'
'Well, then we have a special birthday present for you but you have to follow what we want you to do without question, and we hope that you will enjoy your present.'
'Who is it from?', looking around us for some kind of gift-wrapped box I'm sure....
'Oh, we can�t tell you that yet....all in good time', flashing him a smile.
'Are you game?'
'How could I refuse? Please, come in or is this going to take place...oh I get it - this is one of those singing telegrams right?'
And he chuckled.
'Kind of like a singing telegram. We'll need a few minutes to prepare so perhaps you'd like to fix yourself a drink. And, may I suggest you get out of those jeans and into something a bit shall we say, less restrictive?
Oh - My name is Nisaa, and this is my friend, Judy.'

Liam leads us to the den and strides to the side bar to fix himself that drink while Judy and I prepare in the bedroom off the den what we want him to have for his birthday.
I walk into the den after a few short minutes and take his hand silently as he follows along not questioning anything.
We have set up a chair for him to sit back and enjoy, side table for his drink, phone is off the hook and Judy stands at the foot of the bed as naked as I am.
'What is this....?' He starts to ask.
'Honey, this is your birthday present and all you have to do is watch.'
He hadn't taken off his jeans at our recommendation, but since we are naked, we decide to undress him ourselves before he sits down.
Hmmmmmmm....his cock is already paying attention. I do think he's going to enjoy this.

I walk over to Judy, behind her....wrapping my arms around her....she lifts up her arm and pulls my head to her lips....and kisses me.
My tongue trails down her cheek to her neck, giving her soft kisses on her neck and bare shoulder.
Judy and I are almost the same height, but I have white/blonde long hair, her's is almost black as night, her skin as tanned as mine, also showing no tan lines.
It's nice to tan in the nude...no tell tale lines of any kind.
My hand glides up and down her side to the front of her body cupping one breast and lifting it for full view.
Her nipples already hard my thumb and fingers tweak it a bit to make it stand up straight for him.
I sneak a quick look and he's all eyes....well, except for his cock.

My hands massage her breasts, lifting, pulling nipples, squeezing them.
My body close behind Judy's...rubbing on her back and her buttocks.
My one hand leaves her breast and travels down to her pelvic area....pulling her to me I rub my already hot cunt on her butt.
My hips moving in circular motion....wanting to feel her soft skin on my naked pussy.
Judy starts to move for me....reaching up with her hips toward my hand....my hand moves lower.
Her incredible naked pussy lips waiting for my touch.
My fingers spread her lips wide...rubbing up and down her lips as they open for me.
Finding her erect clit, my fingers move quickly to her mouth so she can lick them and get them wet....down to her pussy my fingers travel....again sliding open her lips, but teasing her clit with my wet fingers....I want her and my motions show my need of her....

While Liam watches, my finger slides into her wet cunt and back out again....continuing in that direction....stopping inside her wet hole to finger her cunt...in and out, cupping her mound with the palm of my hand to rub her clit while I finger fuck her.
She moans for me....moves her hips on my finger....I insert the second finger inside of her....her wetness becoming very apparent in the juicy noises her cunt is making. I have to taste her.
To feel her lips with my tongue, to feel my tongue slide inside of her wetness.
To suck her nectar from her core.

I turn her toward me, and kiss her mouth deeply, pulling her to me, cunt to cunt....bare skin rubbing on each other.
Leading her to the bed, 'Judy, lay down for me darling.....spread those legs for me and let me take you with my mouth.'
Judy lays on the bed, looks at me with heat in her eyes, and sneaks a look at Liam sitting there.....although at this time his hand is starting to circle his hard cock....masturbating slowly as he watches.

Standing before her, my hands tease her legs....up and down her thighs, to her knees....picking up her leg and kissing her soft skin....my hands travel down her body, spreading her legs wide....continuing to enjoy her wetness....I look at Liam and insert my fingers in her wet pussy.
Staring at him, he looks at my face, then back to my hand, clearly mesmerized by what is taking place.
My fingers return to fucking Judy....I want to feel her wetness, jamming my fingers deep inside of her....holding them inside and moving them....tickling her cunt from the inside.
Her hips move on my hand, helping me fuck her....deeper still with two fingers, then three.
Her pussy juice flowing freely down my hand....

I take my fingers out of her and move my hand to my mouth, licking her juice from my fingers.
My tongue lingering, savoring....making licking noises as my other hand never leaves her skin.
I kneel down before her and my mouth descends on her wetness....licking open her lips....taking my other hand to keep them open for me....flicking over her hard clit...sucking, then teasing, rolling around it and sucking some more while my fingers resume fucking her.
My hands then move under her butt cheeks, lifting her to my mouth.
My tongue sliding flat along her lips, lifting her hips while she opens her legs wider....my tongue slides inside her hole, moving, licking, sucking on her cunt....her moans becoming louder, her breathe more excited and her voice raspy as she begs me to make her cum.
I ignore her pleas and continue to tease her....taking her with my tongue....licking her lips to her ass....spreading her legs wider with my hands....then lifting her to my mouth again...pulling her to me....hard....holding her strongly to my tongue and mouth.
She wiggles her hips in my grip and I hold on tighter, pulling her to me harder....she's rubbing her cunt on my face and I'm licking her juice as fast as she's producing it.

'Please Nisaa, please....let me cum....let me cum on your face.'
'What do you think Liam? Is it time for her orgasm?
Are you ready to cum while watching her cum?
Do you want her to cum with you?'
His grip tightens on his hard cock, his hand pumping his member. I can see the pre-cum formed at the tip and dripping down the side of his steel rod.
'Yes....yes, make her cum for me.' he says breathlessly.

Pre-hidden on the side of the bed is such a nice toy....Sliding it up and down her wet cunt lips...not going inside of her but pausing at her hole, twisting it, moving a bit, then sliding up to her clit.....My mouth once again descends on her cunt and I ram the hard dildo inside of her....
while I suck on her clit I fuck her with the toy....
in and out, sliding up her lips to my tongue then back down into her....
using it on her as a man would use his cock.
Sliding it deeply inside of her, she rides it like a real cock....
I hold it deep inside of her while sucking her clit.....fucking her hard.....my mouth leaves her clit to encourage her orgasm.
'Do it baby, fuck this cock....fuck it and cum....let me feel you cum on my toy Judy.
I want you to cum for me girl, cum hard. Cum now!' and I ram it in and out of her....
fucking her while she fucks it back.....she rides the toy hard, moaning and squirming for me.....
at the point of orgasm my mouth takes her clit and sucks it hard, not releasing it until she screams my name.

Her orgasm flowing out of her, I feel her spasms on the toy in my hand.
I glance at Liam and his cum is shooting out of his cock. His hand pumping away as the swollen head of his cock explodes and drips down his hand. Judy's motions starting to lessen....her pumping slowing down.
I lighten up on my sucking motion, taking the toy from her body, and licking her clean with my tongue.

The room smells of sex.
Such a wonderful aroma.
Always my favorite. I kiss her clit once more and take her in my arms.
Liam unsure what to do....

I look at him and wink. He's just staring at us.

I get up from the bed, pulling Judy with me.
'We hope you enjoyed your birthday present.
Now you must shower and meet your benefactor wearing only a towel. That will be the next one to knock on your door. Be ready to complete the present that we started for you.'
He is at a loss for words, but does my bidding and heads for the shower, and we dress....
giggling I ask Judy....
'Do you think we should tell him? Noooooo....let him be surprised when his friend shows up at the door'
Grinning at each other, completing the conspiracy that started with a phone call....

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