Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Nephew

By Nisaa

Quickly donning my robe to answer the door, I wondered who would be out on a night like tonight. I peered through the security hole in the door and was utterly amazed.

Opening the door and exclaiming, "Well, hello stranger! What brings you here?" to my ex-nephew as he appeared soaked to the skin on my front porch.

He laughed and said "I don't suppose you'd believe I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop?"
"Well, whatever the case - come in, come're soaked.
Whatever were you doing out in this storm?
Or should I not ask?" and it was my turn to giggle as I let him enter the house directing him into the den. "I've a fire going. I don't mind storms, but I hate being damp.
Please, let me get you a towel. I'll be right back." Re-entering the room, I threw him the towel and walked over to the side bar. "You still drink Scotch?" and he nodded as I proceeded to pour us

both a drink. I sat his down on a table next to the chair nearest him and I sat on the loveseat opposite him.
As I watched him towel dry, feeling the flex in the muscles as they rippled along his back, I remembered another day, another time, another place oh so long ago.
"Oh - I'm sorry. I quite drifted off there for a minute didn't I?", I smiled at him as I took a sip of my drink.
"You did seem deep in thought", he smiled back.
"Well, lets just say I was remembering, or let me put it this way - you were one of my fonder memories of my married life to your uncle," lifting my drink to toast him.

"Auntie Nisaa - how strange that sounds now. How far we've come. How long has it been now? Five years? Less? More? Since we saw each other?" "I would say that's about right.
Now tell me, what were you doing in town?"
"I honestly came to town to see you.
The storm hadn't hit when I left home and by the time it got bad, well, I was closer to you than to my house, so I proceeded. I should have called first?"
"Nonsense. You were one of my favorites. You and Papa."
I sat up still for a moment, looking him in the eye, "It's not Papa is it? That's not why you're here is it?"
"No - grandfather is fine. Honest. I just felt the need to see you.
Frankly, this feeling has been over me for months now and tonight I decided to do something about it. And - here I am!"
"I think about you often, and others.
I promise and promise to visit but can't bring myself back to that place.
That town....", I sighed as he stopped me.....

"Please Nisaa, lets remember only the good things.
I won't ever come back if I bring you pain when I see you", he smiled at me through those dark eyelashes. Lifting his glass to toast me.
We both settled back to stare into the fire for a bit. nephew who wasn't my nephew. How very good looking he still was....and how very good-looking he was back then. I remembered his visiting me once I left his uncle.
That brought a smile to my lips as I remembered how he returned weekly, checking up on the kids and me he said.
I knew different.
He'd had a crush on me since I married his uncle.
It grew into infatuation as he grew older.
He was almost 30 when I left his uncle....again that smile on my lips....but this time he caught it.
"And what brought this look on your face?
The smile? Might my ego think I can still bring a smile to your lips?"
"Oh dear man, you could always make me smile and if I recall, blush too." Winking at him as I said it.

He looked me long and deep in the eyes and said, "With all the niceties out of the way I think now is the time to tell you why I'm here.
And I'd like to be really close to you and tell you that way so I'm going to sit right over here next to you.
There's something you should know.
I mean, something I've wanted you to know for a long time now.
It's true we haven't seen each other in awhile and I have a very good reason for that. I wanted you to forget about everything else, my uncle, the town you lived in and just be able to concentrate on what I am about to tell you."

"It's no secret that I've had a crush on you for a very long time.
The secret was probably that I do have very deep feelings for you and have for an equally long time.
This can no longer be called a crush. I'm no longer in the throws of adolescence and have thought about this for a very long time."
Taking my hand in his, "Nisaa, I've inquired about you on and off for years now whenever I can.
I know that you are not involved with anyone seriously and this is what I want to talk to you about.
I want to explore possibilities with you. I want to be with see you all the time and be with you all the time.
Enough time has passed that I feel I can approach you now with all the thoughts I've harbored all these years. The many times I saw you after your divorce, well, I felt the time was just not right. You still thought of me as a "nephew" and that is the last thing I wanted you to see me as."

Reaching over to touch my face, taking my drink and setting it down on the table, his lips started towards mine.
I realized my heart was racing and my mind was reeling. Our lips touched gently.
He raised his face and looked me in the eyes and then bent his head for another kiss.
"What are you doing?" I asked softly.
"Kissing you - this is a kiss," and he smiled and kissed me again, pulling me into his arms. "I've wanted to kiss you like this for so long, for as long as I can remember." His kiss deepened and my mouth opened for his tongue. His embrace tightened and his hands felt so good on my back.
I seemed to melt in his arms.
This felt so good.
So right. So entirely wonderful.
His hand traveled to my side and he cupped the side of my breast � naked under my robe.
My nipples erect from his kiss, I could feel the wetness starting to seep from my core. He broke the embrace and stood before me, taking the couch pillows and tossing them on the floor before the fireplace.
Then he knelt before me taking my hands to pull me down to him on the floor.
Laying my body down in front of the fireplace, once again pulling me into his embrace. My robe separated slightly as he entwined his legs with mine, kissing me once again strongly with his tongue, holding me closer than before.
"Nisaa, I've wanted you for so very long. Do I dare hope?
Do I dare think that this could be possible for us?"
Once again kissing me softly on the lips, then traveling with those same lips to different points on my face.
Traveling down my neck with his lips and tongue, his hand slipping inside my robe to massage my breast.
Bending his head further, lightly licking my nipple, then looking at me once more with those deep brown eyes...kissing my lips once again then resuming his attentiveness on my nipples.

Moaning softly as he nursed at my breasts, his hand then slid to my legs, rubbing my thighs softly, kneading the muscles a bit with each stroke.
His hand traveling up the inside of my thigh to my naked pussy.
Feeling my lips with his fingers, sliding them along my lips to open them, and taking time with my clit - stroking, teasing, rubbing harder...then slipping his finger inside of me as my wetness made it so very easy for him to enter me.
Constant sliding in and out of me with his fingers, my legs parted for him to gain access.
My moans even more perceptive with each entering of my body.
He untied the sash on my robe as I started to unbutton his shirt, helping him to get naked before me.
I marveled at the tightness of his body and the slight sheen on his skin as he resumed his position next to me on the rug. He helped me out of my robe completely and I could see his eyes travel over my body in the firelight.
His hands seemingly everywhere, touching, caressing, probing inside of me.
His body traveled down mine with his lips licking their way on my skin.
He positioned himself between my legs and spread them wide for his view.
His tongue licking my hot pussy lips until they opened for him.
He found my hard clit and continued to lick, then circle it with his tongue, licking more and then down to the source of my wetness.
His tongue dipping inside of me, moving within me as his thumb massaged my hard little nub.
My hips pressed into his face as he started to suck at me and he positioned his fingers at my entrance, inserting two of them deep inside of me.
My body responding with every movement of his mouth and hand.
My hands reaching for his head to hold him there. Writhing under his lips and tongue, my moans escaping my lips, my breath ragged with each assault from his mouth. "Oh yes...don't stop...take it...suck it harder...yes, that's it...Oh God yes", I moaned. I could feel my orgasm building, I knew I would explode on his face and I tried to get loose from him.
His hands taking my hips in their grip, he held me fast to his mouth.
"Cum for me Nisaa, come on my tongue, on my face..." and his tongue began again in earnest.
My body reacting to being held down, my hips moving on his face faster as his tongue and lips went to work on my core.
"Oh yes...I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum on your face."
With that declaration I exploded with orgasm, my body spasms jerking my body involuntarily as his licking and sucking continued.

I wanted him inside of me, to fill feel his cock enter me.
Yet he crawled up the side of my body and held me close to him...kissing me so I can taste myself on his lips and tongue.
His hands never leaving my skin, he started to stroke my body again.
His fingers gently reaching for my core once more, my body jerked as he started to massage my clit once more. My breath barely caught as he started to arouse me once again.
His fingers lightly playing with my lips and clit, then down into my hot cunt once more...deeper, more insistent, a bit rougher.
I raise my leg turning my body toward him, and his fingers fuck me, my body reacting once more to his touch.
My hips fucking his fingers as they enter me and then slide up to my clit, teasing, stroking, then back once more inside of me. He continues this way until I think I'll go insane. Lightly teasing, then roughly probing...fucking motions with his hand so his fingers probe me deeper still.
Once again my body reacts and I orgasm on his fingers.
He kisses me deeply and allows my body to regain relaxed status as I come down from my high he created.

"Now? Now will you enter me? I need to feel you inside of me..." I ask as he momentarily stopped kissing me to look at my face.
His smile is evident and there's a magic gleam in his eyes as he takes my mouth with his, then says, "Not yet...I want this to be a night you will remember and I want to be the man you want more of."

And once again his hands start to travel, and his lips caress my skin.
And I know this will be a very long night.
And I would never think of him as a nephew again.

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